Accurate Pencil Style Pressure Gauge 20-120 PSI

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This Pencil Style Pressure Gauge is made in the USA. Lesser quality gauges can read inaccurately and consequently lead to dangerous blowouts in trailer tires. It is important to keep your trailer tires inflated to their max PSI. It is only at their Max PSI that the trailer tire is able to support it's max load. Keeping you trailer tires fully inflated keeps the sidewall of the trailer tire cool, thus increasing tire life significantly.

These Pressure gauges will read pressures up to 120PSI, Which is useful as most trailer tires are kept at higher pressures than Automotive tires.
Included with Purchase:
1 Pencil Gauge, with Clip
Gauge Reads pressures from 20PSI to 120PSI.
Item #: AC003
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