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Trailer tire sizes, load ranges and plys can be confusing.  There are a lot of different terms and vocabulary that most people don't know.  Making sure you're making the right choice for your trailer type and use is important.  We've done our best to compile information to make the best decision. If you would like to shop Trailer Tires, or wheels, you've come to the right place.

Common concerns are:

How old are my trailer tires?

What do Ply and Load ranges mean?

What's the difference between Bias Ply and Radial?

What is causing my odd tread wear?

How do you read tire specifications?

Should I rotate my trailer tires?

How do you mount and inflate Bias Ply Tires?

What makes Kenda brand great?

When Shopping For Trailer Rims

Our rim sizes are listed in (diameter)  x  (width) format, for example: a "15 x 6" rim indicates that the wheel is a 15 inch rim, (takes a 15" tire) and it is 6 inches wide.

Although bolt patterns for trailer wheels are fairly standardized, knowing how to measure your trailer wheel's bolt pattern can come in handy. Here is an article which explains how to measure your trailer rim's bolt pattern.

We offer Trailer Wheels in aluminum and steel. We guarantee the largest selection of trailer rims at the BEST prices. Each of our rims will come with a high pressure brass valve stem installed for free.


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