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Utility Trailer Tips


Utility Trailer Tips


Utility Trailers are some of the most common trailers on the road. They can be used to move you into your new home, or to transport items from one place to another. A lot of landscape companies use utility trailers to haul their equipment. It is always smart to perform preventative maintenance to any trailer, especially ones that are used a lot. We have compiled a few things you should know when giving your utility trailer a once over.


Tires: Dry rotting is one of the most common signs that it is time to replace your tires. This dry rotting compromises the integrity of the tire making it unsafe for the road. Not just for you but for the vehicles around you as well. Utility Trailer tires should be replaced every 5 years, even if they appear to be fine. You can check your date code to determine the date they were manufactured by clicking our link here.

Check your Date Code

Utility Trailer Tires

Wheels: Recstuff.com recommends using aluminum wheels because they are cast from 1 piece of aluminum versus steel wheels that are made from 2 or 3 pieces and welded together. There is much less of a chance that an aluminum wheel will be out of round than a steel wheel. Yes, aluminum wheels are more expensive but they also will alst you a lot longer than steel wheels. Steel wheels will rust over time whereas aluminum wheels do not rust. Another option is galvanized wheels. These wheels are steel and hot dipped into molten zinc to prevent corrosion. Galvanized wheels and aluminum wheels are recommended for trailers that are exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, salt, and salt water.

Utility Trailer Wheels

Lights: We always recommend LED lights for your utility trailer. They are brighter and run cooler than the incandescent lights. Not to mention they last a lot longer! We do offer both styles for all trailers. Another tip is to make sure your wiring is not exposed and cannot be easily compromised if you hit a rock and it kicks up under your utility trailer.

Utility Trailer Lights

Trailer Parts: Brakes, hubs, spindles, bearings, and brake lines are just some of the parts that should be checked. Always make sure everything is tight and there are no leaks in any of your utility trailer parts. You can purchase bearing protectors to cover your bearings to prevent the elements from damaging the bearings. Hubs and spindles should always be checked to ensure that everything is tight and nothing will fall off. Brake lines should be tight with no leaks and calipers and rotors should have a smooth face. If any of these parts seem to need replacing, you can browse our selection of utility trailer parts.

Utility Trailer Parts