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Tips for Securing your Trailer Load

Knowing the correct way to load your trailer is as important as securing your cargo. Use these 10 tips to prevent both the loss of the load and an accident:

  1. Determine the weight of the load and compare that with what your trailer’s load rating. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the most that the trailer should every weigh INCLUDING cargo.

Do not exceed a trailer’s load rating as it compromises the integrity of all the components.

  1. Make the load weight as evenly distributed as possible. Proper weight distribution will ensure that the vehicle pulls correctly.
  2. Load heavier items on the bottom.
  3. Chains, tie downs, and ratchet straps are recommended. Ropes can fray and break, if ropes must be used than a double half-hitch knot should be tied.
    • If transporting garden refuse it should be covered with a tarp.Ratchet Straps
  1. Straps and chains rated at two times your cargo weight are ideal
  2. When using straps make sure edges are not flush with sharp edges that may compromise the strap during the trip.
  3. Check your load for unsecured areas like doors, drawers or other loose components
  4. If the load juts out past the sides or back to the trailer a flag, light or reflector should be added to warn other motorists. (Amazon link)
  5. Before begging your journey, ensure a confident affirmative answer to the question, “Would I feel safe driving behind this trailer?”
  6. Check your load often 15 minutes into your journey. Vibrations throughout your trip have the potential to loosen straps. Checking on the load every two hours through the duration of the trip is recommended.

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