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Snowmobile Trailer Tips

Snowmobile trailers come in a variety of styles and specifications. These 10 tips apply to all of them: Use a trailer with a tilt bed for easy loading and unloading

  1. Confirm your trailer’s weight capacity. Exceeding the weight capacity puts undue stress all components of the trailer.
  2. Ensure the ball hitch is latched properly (safety chains under the tongue, latched to towing vehicle’s frame).
  3. Check your spare tire. Is it in good condition and inflated to max psi.
  4. Inspect tires for damage, cracks or low tread. Tires over 5 years old are approaching the end of their intended life. 
  5. Snowmobile and trailerInflate tires to max psi, check with a tire gauge.
  6. Tighten loose lug nuts.
  7. Wheel bearings should be greased every 3000 miles
  8. Test all the lights. Left turn, right turn, brake, rear and license plate are all required by law.
  9. The snowmobiles should be secured to the trailer using a bar, with the rear ends secured by a ratchet-type load binder.
  10. Ideal load balance puts 60% of total load weight in front of trailer’s axle.

It is time to consider replacement. Need help determining the age of your tires?

Snowmobile trailer wheels see a lot of snow, ice and salt. Galvanized wheels are anti-corrosive and deal best with the salt and snow on the roads. The line of galvanized wheels are hot-dipped into molten zinc. This protects the steel underneath from the elements.

Aluminum wheels are always a good choice. Note that salt and sand on the roads could increase risk knicks and dings in the wheel. Excessive salt on aluminum wheels will also eat away the clear coat.

Typically snowmobile trailers use smaller tire and wheel combinations, like 8 or 10 inch.    Larger trailers can go up to a 13 inch assembly. offers the largest in stock, ready to ship selection of trailer tires and wheels. Backed by a price match guarantee, all in-stock items typically ship in one business day or less.