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Printable Bolt Pattern Template

At, we often get questions regarding the bolt pattern of our customer's wheels. While a 5-Bolt on 4.5" is standard and by far the most common among trailer wheel 5-bolt patterns, there are times in which the trailer manufacturer uses a different pattern such as 5 on 5".

When purchasing a trailer, you will want to make sure that the bolt pattern on the wheels of the trailer are standard among the industry. This will ensure that in the case of flat tire or damaged wheel, you will be able to find a replacement when you need it.


Standard sizes include 4-bolt on 4", 5-bolt on 4.5", 6-bolt on 5.5", and 8-bolt on 6.5". If you're unsure about your 5-bolt pattern, we've put together a simple 'bolt pattern template' that makes it easy to ensure you purchase the correct trailer wheel for your trailer. Visit any wheel on or click the image below to download the template.