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Horse Trailer Tips

It’s important to make sure that your trailer is road and horse ready before you begin any trip.

Do a walk around the trailer and check:

  1. Inspect tires for damage, cracks or low tread. Tires over 5 years old are approaching the end of their intended life. It is time to consider replacement. Need help determining the age of your tires?
  2. Evaluate wheel condition for cracks, corrosion or bends in the lip.
  3. Check your fenders for cracks, bends, or sharp edges.
  4. Test all lights. Left turn, right turn, brake, rear and license plate are all required by law.
  5. Ensure coupler has a fit tight with the towing vehicle’s ball hitch. When hitched your trailer’s nose should be angled slightly upward so the trailer rides slightly above level.
  6. Bearings need to be greased at least every 10,000 miles or once a season for larger wheels. Smaller wheels (eg 8” and 10”) should be greased 3,000 miles.
  7. Check all latches, windows, doors and hinges, to be sure they shut securely
  8. Look over the integrity of the trailer. Make sure there are no dry rot or soft spots in the flooring. Do a roof sealant inspection to check for seam leaks. The roof vent should also operate freely.

Bonus Tip

  1. Check the inside of the trailer for wasp nests, loose panels, or any other hazards. 

Horse Trailer Picture with Hispec Series 06 Wheels

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