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Car Hauler Tips

  • The big show is finally here. You’ve put countless hours and buckets of sweat into turning that old piece of junk trailers-car-mate-enclosed-cargo-trailer-700hd.jpginto a bona fide classic piece of art. You drive it up into your car hauler, strap it in, and off you go. Halfway to the show you feel something unusual. You assumed the trailer was fine, but the bearings hadn’t been greased in quite some time. Quickly, the hub flies off the axle, the tire and wheel are left in the distance, and your plans just got a lot more complicated. Taking the time to make sure your trailer is just as ready as your prized possession can end up being the difference of first place to not even qualifying.
  • Preventative maintenance on your car hauler is simple and goes a long way, not only saving you a major headache but also money you could be using on your next project. A simple check should be performed every time you use the car hauler. Checks before, during, and after a trip ensures you reach your destination safe and sound. Whether your trailer is enclosed or open, the most basic check is relatively straight forward.
  • Begin with a visual inspection of the trailer. Does the trailer have any loose nuts, screws, or wiring? If so, you may need to look at replacing them. All parts need to be accounted for and properly maintained. The tires and wheels should be inspected very carefully. The tires should not have any spider cracks, and the tread should be above 3/32”. The lug nuts should be torqued to their proper specification. The hub and bearings need to be inspected for wear and tear that will affect performance, anch.pngd the grease should also be inspected to ensure proper friction will occur. Your trailer brakes need to be tested as well and are a very important aspect of towing the car hauler. Making sure the lights on the trailer are all working properly also ensures safety for you and others while on the road. The cost to replace a part today is much less than the cost to replace the parts after the damage has occurred. Having a spare tire and rim is a no brainer, but having extra lights, an extra hub, and extra safety chains will only help you for whatever situation may arise. We have a huge selection of Car Hauler Wheels, Car Hauler Tires, Car Hauler Lights, and Car Hauler Parts.
  • Any vehicle that is being put in a car hauler should have the engine facing the front of the trailer, but as close to the middle as possible. Proper balance ensures the trailer performs the best way possible. Securing the vehicle is also important, you don’t want it to come loose and sustain major damage.
  • Following these simple steps will help you get to where you need to be. You put so much time into restoring that old vehicle, so why not take 5 minutes to make sure you arrive on time and win first place?

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