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Camper Trailer Tips

Now that Autumn and Winter are here, it is the perfect time of the year to fix up your camper trailer! Everyone needs a winter project and we have everything you need to make sure your camper is safe on the road for that first family trip to the lake.

Here is a checklist to start you out.

  1. Are my tires dry rotted or low on tread life?
  2. What is my date code on my tires? (Tires should be changed every 5 years even if there is still tread left)
  3. Are my fenders broken or rusted?
  4. Do all of my lights work?
  5. Are my wheels rusty or causing my tire to leak air?
  6. Do my bearings, hubs or spindles need to be greased or replaced?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have answers.


If your camper trailer tires are dry rotted or low on tread, we have many different tires for you to choose from. Always double check that the tires you are ordering, match the size, load range and load capacity of the ones on your camper now. We never recommend going lower in the load capacity than what is on there now. If you go lower, there is a risk that the tire cannot hold up to the weight of the trailer/camper and you may encounter a blowout. The same applies for the wheels. Always match your camper trailer's correct load capacity on your wheels or go with a higher capacity. Here are links to our tires and wheels.

Shop Trailer Wheels

Shop Trailer Tiresimg-1482.jpeg


If your camper trailer fenders are rusty, broken or warped, we have fenders to replace most sizes. This will give your camper a fresh, new look and add safety to the vehicles around you. If part of your fender is missing, this can cause rocks to kick up as you drive over them, and they bounce and hit the vehicles behind you. Here is our selection of fenders.

Camper Trailer Fenders




Ifled-marker-clearence-oval-lights-trailer.jpg any of your lights are out, we recommend replacing them before you take your camper trailer out on the road. With a light being out, you are reducing the warning to people behind you that you are stopping or turning. We have many sizes in LED and Incandescent…we recommend LED.

Camper Trailer Lights




If you have never checked your bearings, hubs or brake lines it may be time to re-grease or replace them to prevent damage. If you are unsure of what your camper trailer needs, we can provide expert advice at (321) USA-TIRE.

Camper Trailer Parts