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Boat Trailer Tips

  • Nothboat-trailer-2.jpging beats a cool summer breeze out on the boat, especially when you bring in the “big one.” But what if you never made it to your favorite spot? On the way there, your tire went flat, the rims and hub were damaged and you’re stuck on the side of the road. Now what? This could have been easily avoided, but happens far too often. Preventative maintenance goes a long way, and taking the correct measures beforehand allows you to safely assume you will be able to enjoy the day out on the boat.
  • To begin, we’ll go over what sort of trailer gear you will need. If you are going to be using the boat in saltwater, it’s a good idea to use a galvanized rim or an aluminum rim. Galvanized rims are steel rims that are hot dipped into molten zinc. This thick layer of zinc gives the wheel an anti-corrosive outer shell to protect the rim. Aluminum rims not only are the best style option, but aluminum does not rust. It’s important to rinse your entire trailer (including tires and rims) after use in any water. This prolongs the life of the trailer and trailer parts. Saltwater can destroy the trailer and trailer parts and needs to be rinsed off very well. It’s a good idea to take the trailer into a freshwater lake on the way home for a quick dip. Check out our huge selection of Boat Trailer Rims.boat-trailer-3.jpg
  • Having spare parts is very important. If a light goes out, cable breaks, or any other part of the trailer is compromised, having the extra parts can turn a bad situation into a manageable one. Always carry spare lights, a spare tire and rim, extra cables and tie downs, an extra hub and bearing protector, and road-flares/markers. Some people even choose to bring extra grease, fenders, wheel chocks, and a lug wrench. It never hurts to be prepared for any type of problem! Find the right Boat Trailer Accessories for your trailer today.
  • For the tires and rims, inspecting them for any defects before you begin your trip is always a good idea. Identify any spider cracks in the tire, and ensure you have good tread depth. Make sure all the lug nuts are torqued correctly, and if the hub needs to be greased ensure it has enough grease. The tires should always be inflated to their max PSI.
  • Before heading out, have someone help make sure every light is working properly. If a trailer light were to fail, it can compromise everyone's safety on the road. We have a large selection of Boat Trailer Lights and Wiring to choose from as well.
  • Check all the fasteners before theboat-trailer-4.jpg trip begins to make sure the boat is properly secured. If a strap were to fail, it could mean serious danger.
  • The weight rating of the trailer is very important. Always ensure you are below the weight rating. The tires and rims are rated and need to properly support the trailer, boat, and whatever else is being hauled. Account for every pound, because if the weight exceeds the weight rating, it could lead to severe damage and a lot of dollars down the drain. Even gas in the boat should be accounted for when adding up the total weight.
  • To preserve the life of your trailer tires and rims you’ll want to store it in a cool, shaded area. Keeping the tires out of the sun especially helps them last longer because the sun will heat and attack the integrity of the tire.

Follow these simple steps, and you'll be out on the water in no time!

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