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Boat Trailer Tips

Before any trip use the following checklist of 8 tips to ensure a safe trip.

  1. Inspect tires for damage, cracks or low tread. Tires over 5 years old are approaching the end of their intended life. It is time to consider replacement. Need help determining the age of your tires?
  2. Evaluate wheel condition for cracks, corrosion or bends in the lip.
  3. Check your fenders for cracks, bends, or sharp edges.
  4. Test all lights. Left turn, right turn, brake, rear and license plate are all required by law. Electrical wires should not be hanging loose or look frayed or worn.
  5. Bearings need to be greased at least every 10,000 miles or once a season for larger wheels.
  6. Tighten loose lug nuts.
  7. Inflate tires to max psi, check with a tire gauge.  Do not forget to check your spare.
  8. Secure your load appropriately. Use the proper anchor points for strap-downs and remember that a winch line is not a tie down.

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 What Rims are best for your boat trailer?

If you’re taking your boat into salt-water you should be looking at galvanized or aluminum wheels. Salt and water are corrosive and will eat away at a steel wheel quickly. Even having a galvanized or aluminum rim they should be rinsed off after being in the water. In fact, it is best practice to rinse of your entire trailer after it’s been in the water.        

 What Tires are best for your boat trailer?The most important thing to consider when deciding on tires is what kind of driving, you’re going to be doing. If you’re trailer sits at your cabin and only takes the boat to its slip in the spring and to storage in the fall, then purchase the more economical bias ply tires will meet your needs. This tire has a tougher sidewall and is a better tire for a trailer that sits most of the time.

If you are driving long distances or doing a decent amount of highway driving than the best choice for your trailer is a radial tire. Radial tires stay cooler and has a longer tread life due to its construction with steel belts.

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