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ATV Trailer Tips

Before any trip use the following checklist of 10 tips to ensure a safe trip.

    1. Inspect tires for damage, cracks or low tread.  Tires over 5 years old are approaching the end of their intended life.  It is time to consider replacement.  Need help determining the age of your tires?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Christopher's ATV and trailer with his new  
    2. Evaluate wheel condition for cracks, corrosion or bends in the lip.                                                                                                                                                               tire and wheel combo  
    3.  Tighten loose lug nuts.Customer picture of ATV on trailer
    4. Inflate tires to max psi, using a tire gauge to check.  Do not forget to check your spare.
    5.  Check your fenders for cracks, bends, or sharp edges.
    6. Test all lights.  Left turn, right turn, brake, rear and license plate are all required by law. 
    7. Ensure coupler has a tight fit with the towing vehicle’s ball hitch.
    8.  Load your ATV on a level surface.
    9. Put your ATV into 4-wheel drive mode in a low gear.  Lean forward with both feet on the footrests or nerf bars and gently give the engine gas.  Once on the trailer put it into park and begin strapping it down.
    10.  Use ratchet straps secure ATV to trailer.  Ensure straps address the frame of the ATV and not the axle.  The frame is meant to be able to handle more tension and pressure.

Bonus Tips

    1. While ratchet straps are very dependable, they can lose tension during the drive.  Check them about 15 minutes into the journey and every two hours thereafter.
    2. When unloading, make sure to be on a level surface. 

a. After loosening and removing ratchet straps, attach your ramp.

b. Put ATV in neutral and stand in front of it.

c. While holding onto the brakes gently push the ATV down the ramp controlling the speed so it doesn’t go too fast. offers the largest in stock, ready to ship selection of trailer tires, wheels and fenders.   Backed by a price match guarantee, all in-stock items typically ship in one business day or less.