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ATV Trailer Tips

atv-trailer.jpgATV Trailer Tips

It is always good to evenly distribute the weight between axles on your ATV Trailer. By putting your ATVs side by side facing curb to road, one in front and one in back, this allows the trailer wheels to each take half of the weight instead of just 1 ATV towards the front, throwing the weight distribution off. If you are only hauling 1 ATV, be sure to strap it down in a strategic place to ensure the trailer does not sway when you hit a bump.

As with all trailers, it is always a good idea to go through a checklist of how to ensure your trailer is as safe as you can get it. You don’t want any mishaps on the road to delay your ATV adventure.

  1. Check your tires. Is the PSI low or high? Is there any signs of dry rotting? Any bulges in the tire or bald spots? What is the date code on my tires? Do you have your spare? (Trailer tires should be replaced every 5 years even if they appear good)
  2. Test your lights. Make sure all blinker lights, running lights, and brake lights work properly.
  3. Is the hitch ball greased? By greasing the ball before hooking up to the trailer, you are ensuring there is no friction between the ball and coupler.
  4. Are your fenders secure and in good shape?
  5. Are your safety chains attached securely?

ATV Trailer Tires and Wheels: For the most part, ATV trailers come with a vast selection of wheel and tire sizes. Sizes commonly range from 10” to 16” and come in steel structure or aluminum. We offer many wheel styles and sizes to fit your ATV trailer needs. Whether you want to match your ATV Trailer wheels to the wheels on the towing vehicle, or if you are simply looking for a cheaper long lasting option, Recstuff.com has anything you need to ensure your trailer always looks and performs at its best.

ATV Trailer Wheels

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In addition to ATV Trailer parts, we also carry ATV Tires from 8” to 15”! View our selection of ATV Tires from GBC Motorsports and others. With a wide variety of tread patterns and sizes, we carry just the tire for your ATV/UTV! Don't know what tire size comes standard on your ATV or 4 Wheeler? Look up your ATV's tire size in this ATV Tire Size Chart.

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