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How To Determine The Age Of A Trailer Tire

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It's easy to identify the age of a tire. All tires sold in the US require a DOT code which is mandated by the U.S Department of Transportation. The DOT code indicates the tire meets all federal standards, these identification numbers are important if the product is recalled. The DOT code begins with letters followed by numbers and letters; this is the plant code identifying the manufacture of the tire. The last four numbers after the plant code represent the week and the year the tire was manufactured.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) recommends replacing all tires at least every six years. When purchasing new trailer tires discuss the vendors product turn over rate, to ensure the product that you are receiving has been recently manufactured. Below is an example of a DOT code that is found on a trailer tire.


DOT K3AP 4309

K3AP is the plant code identifying the manufacture of this tire

4309 is the week and year the tire was manufactured, this tire would have been manufactured the 43rd week of 2009.

Other numbers are marketing codes are used at the manufacturer's discretion.

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