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What is a Hub?

Trailer wheel hubs play an integral role in keeping trailers rolling along. The trailer wheel hub assembly connects the trailer wheels to the trailer spindle and facilitates their spin.

If those wheel hubs corrode or aren't installed properly, it will throw the trailer tires out of alignment and could lead to serious damage of your vehicle, trailer and whatever you're toting around. If, for instance, you're towing your dinghy to the lake for a weekend getaway, that fist-sized collection of hardware in a wheel hub can make the difference between relaxing on the water and spending hours making repairs.

As you view through the hubs below keep in mind the following factors which will be helpful when choosing a replacement hub for your trailer:

  • Bolt Pattern
  • Front Bearing Size (located on the bearing itself) Example: L44649
  • Rear Bearing Size (located on the bearing itself) Example: L44649
  • Load Capacity
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