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Which Rim Fits Which Tire?

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Just because you have a 13 inch wheel, and a 13 inch tire, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are meant for each other. Not all trailer tires and wheels can be mounted together. Below we explain which tires can be used with which wheels, and which trailer wheels can be used with which tires.

We did all the hard work for you already. 

Below each product you  will find it's compatible parts.


Trailer Tire and Rim Compatibility Chart:

8" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
4.80x8 8x3.75
5.70x8 8x3.75
165/65-8 8x5.375
16.5x6.50-8 8x5.375
215/60-8 8x7
18.5x8.50-8 8x7

10" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
205/65-10 10X6
20.5X8.00-10 10X6

12" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
4.80x12 12x4, 12x4.5
5.30x12 12x4, 12x4.5
ST145R12 12x4, 12x4.5

13" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
ST155/80D13 13x4.5
165R13 13x4.5
ST175/80D13 13x4.5, 13x5
ST175/80R13 13x4.5, 13x5
ST185/80D13 13x4.5, 13x5

14" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
ST195/75D14 14x5.5, 14x6
ST205/75D14 14x5.5, 14x6
ST205/75R14 14x5.5, 14x6
ST215/75D14 14x5.5, 14x6
ST215/75R14 14x5.5, 14x6

15" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
ST205/75D15 15x5
ST205/75R15 15x5
ST215/75D15 15x5, 15x6
ST225/75D15 15x6, 15x7
ST225/75R15 15x6, 15x7

16" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
LT 7.50-16 16x6, 16x6.5, 16x7
ST235/80R16 16x6, 16x6.5, 16x7
ST235/85R16 16x6, 16x6.5, 16x7

17.5" Tires and Wheels

Tire Size Rim Size
215/75R17.5 17.5x6.75

Other Information

Below are four steps you should take to ensure you are selecting a compatible tire and wheel assembly for your trailer.

  1. Make sure the tire and the wheel are of the same size, and they will fit on your trailer. You may have to verify both the height and width when determining if the tire and wheel assembly will fit under a trailer’s fender.

    Example: Choose a 13 inch tire and a 13 inch wheel.
  2. Verify the selected tire is compatible with the load capacity needed for your trailer. Many times, the trailer’s load capacity is posted on the trailer itself. To determine the minimum load capacity tire you should select, take the trailer’s load capacity and divide it by the number of tires needed for your trailer.

    Example: If your trailer’s load capacity is 800 pounds and needs 2 tires, the minimum load capacity for each tire that you would need is 400 pounds.
  3. Verify that the width of the wheel will allow the tire to mount to it. You often have more available variation in compatible widths on larger size assemblies.

    Example: A 8×3.75 tire will not mount on a 8×7 wheel. A ST235/80 R16 tire will mount on both a 16×6 and a 16×7 wheel.
  4. Verify that the load capacity of the selected wheel is greater than the load capacity of the selected tire. If one of the two were to fail due to exceeded load capacity, you would much rather have the tire fail and ride on the rim rather than the entire assembly fail. Proper load capacity matching ensures safety and can save you money in the case of a failure.

    Example: If your selected tire’s load capacity is 1400 pounds, the wheel you select needs to exceed or equal 1400 pounds.

These four easy steps should ensure that you are purchasing a safe and compatible tire and wheel assembly for your trailer.

RecStuff.com offers trailer tires and trailer wheels of all sizes. We offer free tire and wheel mounting and provide great customer service to help you out when you’re unsure about exactly what you need. Feel free to give us a call at (262) 677-2220, and we can help you determine the correct setup for your situation.

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