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Making use of an old tire - Say hello to your new planter!

Making use of an old tire - Say hello to your new planter!

Sep 22nd 2015

We decided to add a little color to our office this month with an old tire planter. This planter can be used indoors or outside. Below are the steps we took to make this.

  1. Wash the tire you want to use thoroughly to avoid grease stains on your surface.
  2. Use a tool to cut the tire in half, making sure the tool doesn’t move too fast so it doesn’t melt the rubber on the tire. We found a Sawzall worked best. (You may need a bolt cutters or a hand snips to cut through the bead)
  3. Paint the tire half that you want to use, using outdoor latex paint or spray paint.
  4. After it is dry, apply a clear coat to seal the paint in.
  5. If you are going to use real plants, drill holes in the bottom of the tire for drainage.
  6. Place your planter wherever you want and admire!

This process takes about 15 minutes to cut the tire and painting time depends on how you decide to paint it.

If you decide to purchase a new trailer tire, Go Green and re-purpose your old tires!