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15 Trailer Safety Tips

15 Trailer Safety Tips

Feb 19th 2015

  1. Check Tire Pressure
    • Trailer tires are meant to run at their MAX PSI rating. This will put less stress on the sidewall, thus reducing the chance of a blowout. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    • An under-inflated tire will cause uneven wear to the outside of the tire. An Over-inflated tire will cause harsh wear to the middle of the tire.
  2. Safety Chains
    • Put a leash on your trailer! Safety Cables are meant to prevent a trailer from running loose if it is disconnected from the leading vehicle.
    • Safety chains are to be crisscrossed from trailer hooks to vehicle hooks.
  3. Torque Lug Nuts
    • Make sure the wheel lug nuts/bolts on the tow vehicle and trailer are tightened to the correct torque.
  4. Secure Coupler/Ball Mount
    • Always be sure that you have a secure connection between your vehicle and trailer. The latch on the coupler should click down when a good connection has been established. Give the coupler a tug just to double check!
  5. Secure Wire Connection
    • Always make sure the wire harness connecting your vehicle and trailer has a tight connection. If this connection is broken, it causes your trailer lights not to function and ultimately creating dangerous driving situations. This connection shouldn’t be touching the road, but should be loose enough to make a turn without disconnecting.
    • When this connection is established, go through all of your light cycles and double check that they are working properly (blinkers, hazard, running lights, brake lights, side markers, etc.).
  6. Check Your Brakes
    • If your trailer is equipped with brakes, be sure to calibrate them before your trip. Trailer brakes are a great relief to your vehicle when it comes to slowing down a heavy load!
  7. Check Hubs/Bearings
    • Routinely grease and pack your hubs and bearings. Less friction will keep your wheels spinning with ease and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. Our Sure Lube Spindles make this job easy on you, so no excuses!
  8. Raise/Lock Jack and Stabilizers
    • Be sure the trailer jack, tongue support, and any attached stabilizers are raised and locked in place.
  9. Distribute Weight Evenly
    • If you are hauling more than one heavy object, be sure that the weight is distributed evenly on the trailer.
    • If you notice the rear end of the tow vehicle is sitting low, try to put more of the weight over the axle of the trailer. When the rear of the vehicle sits lower, it is reducing the traction and stopping capabilities of the tow vehicle dramatically.
    • Never tow more than your vehicles towing capacity. It is labeled with that capacity for your own safety!
  10. Check Mirrors
    • Properly adjust your vehicles mirrors so you can see the surrounding area of your trailer. Depending on the length of your trailer, this may require mirror extensions.
  11. Check Route for Bridge/Tunnel/Road Restrictions
    • Always plan your route accordingly to weight regulated roads and highways. Not to mention, if you are towing a tall trailer, be aware of obstacles such as tunnels and low overpasses.
  12. Allow More Distance For Stopping
    • Additional weight means additional stopping power. If your trailer doesn’t have trailer brakes, be sure to consider that when coming to a stop!
  13. Securely Fasten Your Load
    • Always use proper tie downs and straps rated for the job. Double check anchor points on the trailer to be sure they are safe and secure.
  14. Know Your Towing Capacity
    • It is dangerous to carry more than your trailer and/or vehicle is capable of. Over loading your tow vehicle will cause a loss of traction and also severely increase your gas consumption. Over loading your trailer will cause stress on your trailer tires which will ultimately result in tire failure.
  15. ALWAYS Have A Spare
    • Never tow without a spare. Not only is it dangerous on the side of a highway, but another pain to have your trailer towed or serviced!
    • carries a wide variety of wheels and tires at a low price so being stranded shouldn’t be a problem for you!