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Horse Trailer Tips

  • The big event is finally here, and all the training you’ve put in will finally be put to the test. You’ve been prepping your hohorse-trailer.jpgrse for months, put in all your time and effort, and are already writing your acceptance speech for that prized ribbon. As you’re driving to the event, you feel a large bump and smell burning rubber. You have a flat tire, and you didn’t end up arriving on time and were unable to compete. This is an example of just one problem that could have been avoided had you followed simple horse trailer maintenance.
  • As with most trailers, following a simple checklist before you’re off to the races can be very beneficial. Visually inspect the horse trailer and all of its components. It's important to make sure you account for everything you are towing and to add the total weight up to make sure the total weight is under the weight capacity. Check the bed of the horse trailer to ensure there is no dry rot or soft spots. Make sure there are no loose bolts, nails, or screws. Make sure the lug nuts are torqued correctly, that each nut and bolt is there, and that they do not need to be replaced. Inspect the horse trailer tires and rims for any defects or abnormalities, making sure the tires have enough tread and do not need to be replaced. The horse trailer tires should all be inflated to their max PSI and need to be inspected for any nails or items that may have been gotten stuck in them. You should have a spare tire and rim that is also inflated properly just in case of a blowout. The bearings and hub need to be greased properly as well. Check out our huge selection of Horse Trailer Rims and Horse Trailer Tires.
  • The horse trailer frame should be inspected and the horse-trailer-2.jpghitch ball needs to be properly greased. The safety chains should be in good, working condition. Any loose wires or connections need to be taken care of before the trip. Have someone help to make sure all the lights are properly working as well. Visually inspect the fenders for any damage and that they are secure to the trailer. Have all your replacement parts ready to go just in case something happens. We have a large selection Horse Trailer Parts, Horse Trailer Accessories, Horse Trailer Lights, and Horse Trailer Fenders.
  • Following simple steps before hand can be the difference of winning that ribbon and sitting on the side of the road. Taking a little bit of time before a trip, during a trip, and after a trip will allow you to know you are ready for any situation that comes along. So go out there and win!

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