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Largest selection of in stock trailer tires for all styles, types and brands of trailers. Trailer tires are considered a specialty tire and are indicated with an ST before the tires size. We offer trailer tires in sizes ranging from 8 inch for small utility or snowmobile trailers to as large as 16 inch for car haulers, horse trailers, RV's and more. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Did you Know ?

The main cause of tire failure is improper inflation. Always check the cold tire inflation pressures before each trip and at least once a week during the trip for proper inflation levels. "Cold" means that the tires are at the same temperature as the surrounding air, such as when the trailer has been parked overnight.

Wheel and tire manufacturers recommend adjusting the air pressure to the trailer manufacturer's recommended cold inflation pressure, in pounds per square inch (PSI) stated on the Trailer 's Federal Certification Label or Tire Placard when the trailer is loaded.

Never load a trailer to a weight greater than its gross vehicle weight rating(GVWR). If the tires are inflated to less than the recommended inflation level or the GVWR of the trailer is exceeded, the ability of the tires are inflated to more than the recommended inflation level, handling characteristics of the tow vehicle/trailer combination could be affected. - Email Support - Trailer Tire Sizing - Phone Support

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